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Welcome to Belgium
and to Louvain-La-Neuve or Woluwé-Saint-Lambert - UCL

How to get ?

You can fly to Brussels Airport or to Brussels South Charleroi and travel from the airport to LLN or WSL-UCL by train or bus. You can also travel by bus, for example with Eurolines, or travel by train with the SNCB to the LLN railway station.

To enter Belgium, it's necessary to have a valid national identity card or a valid passport + visa (if required) and it's better to have a health insurance valid in Belgium. In within 8 working days after arrival, the foreign students staying in Belgium have to report to the Foreigners Registration Office of the municipality they are staying and when they leave it's very important to de-register.

Where to go ?

UCL student - Louvain-La-Neuve, LLN
Administration communale de Louvain-la-Neuve, Service des étrangers
Voie des Hennuyers - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve - Tel. + 32 10 47 54 00

UCL student - Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, WSL - Brussels
Administration communale de Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, Service des étrangers
Avenue Paul Hymans, 2 - 1200 Bruxelles - Tel. + 32 2 761 27 11
Adjust the sound below the video             Video by Pelin Yildiz - Gizem Karalar - Pierre Bacchi - Mert Sarihan - Yunt Tian Chia - Ilyas Bayar.

Don't forget to bring :

  Valid national identity card or passport + visa (only requested for some students)

  Passport photographs (minimum 8)

  Enrollment form

  Health insurance (blue European Health Insurance Card or other health insurance valid in Belgium).

  Registration authorization

  Acceptance letter

  Scholarship documents

  Student card from your home university (or other proof of registration).

  Other insurance that may be applicable (e.g. private, home university, etc.).

  Contact data of person(s) to be contacted in case of emergency.

  Contact details of your Embassy in Belgium - Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs

Welcome to the "Université catholique de Louvain" - UCL

The UCL's commitment to extending the boundaries of human knowledge, transmitting this knowledge and thereby increasing the humanity of the human race has kept it at the forefront of civilization in the 21st century. The Université catholique de Louvain has played a part in this process with pride since 1425.

If you arrive in the evening, at the weekend or outside the office hours of the different administrative services, you may contact the following mobile phone number open 24 hours a day: +32-473.95.32.71 (same number for both campuses). This service is organised by the General Co-ordination Service for Foreign Students at the UCL, the "Coordination Générale des Etudiants Etrangers" (CGEE). They can act as a first contact and will give you the information you need.

If you arrive in Louvain-la-Neuve or Woluwé-Saint-Lambert outside the International Welcome period, you are invited to present yourself at the "Service d'aide aux étudiants". You will receive all the help you need in your administrative steps and all the advice and information necessary for your stay in Belgium and at our University (housing, schools, kindergartens, insurance, studies, etc.). A staff member will help you to find an answer to your questions, a solution to your problems, or the person or the service that will be able to help you.

At Louvain-la-Neuve
Le "Point de Repère", rue des Wallons 10 - B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Tel.: +32-10-47.20.02

At Woluwé-Saint-Lambert - Brussels
Service d'aide aux étudiants, accueil et secrétariat - "La Mairie" - Promenade de l'Alma, 31 - B-1200 Bruxelles
Tel.: +32-2-764.41.31

UCL student, it's your first stay in Louvain-la-Neuve ?
Take a look at this little video. David Mendez Yepez shows you the main places where you'll have to go to carry out your first formalities. David Mendez Yepez was the "FEF President". The Federation of French-speaking Students in Belgium - FEF - represents some 100.000 students from 25 institutions.
Adjust the sound below the video

I thank David Mendez Yepez for giving me the written authorization to publish this video on "Koter Info".
Je remercie David Mendez Yepez pour m'avoir donné son autorisation écrite pour publier cette vidéo sur "Koter Info" - Duc.